Dear NWU Staff and Postgraduate Students

Following the promulgation of the Ethics in Health Research: Principles, Processes and Structures (2nd ed) guideline document in June 2015, it has become a requirement for all researchers applying for ethical approval, to provide proof of formal assessed training in research ethics, within a three-year cycle. For proof of ethics training when undertaking the ethics application process via the North-West University Health Research Ethics Committee (NWU-HREC), the letter of attendance and assessment for the two-day training course entitled, “The Basics of Research Integrity and Health Research Ethics” (as indicated below), will be sufficient.  Proof of training from an appropriate online course will also suffice, if you are unable to attend the aforementioned training.

The Ethics Office provides one two‑day training session per year on each campus (Potchefstroom, Vanderbijlpark and Mahikeng Campuses) in 2020. It is requested that all staff and postgraduate students please make use of these opportunities. The training will be assessed by an online multiple choice test, on the Efundi platform after the two-day training session is completed.


The training session will occur as indicated below:

The Basics of Research Integrity and Health Research Ethics – Mahikeng Campus
(For researchers doing research with human participants)

Date: 20 - 21 April 2020 (Both days (4 sessions total) must be attended in full to obtain the letter of attendance)
Time: 08:00 – 16:30
Venue: TBA
Presenters: Prof Minrie Greeff and Prof Wayne Towers

An assessment will be required after the two-day training session.


For any enquiries regarding the training session, please contact Mr Buti Majola on 018-299 2197 or via email at


Please RSVP by registering before/on the 10th of April 2020 by completing the registration form. Please book well ahead of time as space is limited.


Please note:

  • No meals will be served. Only tea and coffee will be served.


Registration form: The Basics of Research Integrity and Health Research Ethics (Mafikeng)
As it should appear on your attendance letter
As it should appear on your attendance letter
e.g. AUTHeR, MUSA, PhASRec, etc
e.g. Consumer Sciences/Nursing