The IPW provides an array of quality psycho-legal services to individuals, couples, and families. The service population includes adults, families and children of all age ranges. Specifically, services include psychological assessment and reports for all legal purposes. A multi-disciplinary team provides quality assessment, reports and court appearances, as needed.

Psychological evaluation: This intervention is provided by registered psychologists with expertise in this field of service delivery.  This process includes:

1. Clinical interviewing of all relevant parties
2. Observation
3. Psychometric testing
4. Collateral information
5. Compiling of the report

Contracted Services: Services provided to clients within this category are generally provided on site at the facility/institute.  The services are provided with associated staff and billed via the Institute at contracted rates. Services include: assessment/evaluation, testing and provision of the report for court purposes, as well as court appearance as may be needed.