The research entity “Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA)” has the unique research purpose of understanding those factors that influence appropriate medicine usage by patients in the southern African healthcare context. Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA), was established as a niche area in 2008 and the medicine research that the entity is doing  remains highly relevant in the context of the South African healthcare system, which is facing serious challenges on several fronts – medicine usage included. 

These challenges include rapid growth in healthcare expenditure, particularly medicine costs, lack of access to essential medicine, the burden of chronic disease and national threatening diseases such as HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, and the use, misuse or irrational use of medicine.

Other challenges are the implementation of the National Department of Health Strategic Plan for 2014/15 – 2018/19, which specifically refers to the implementation of National Health Insurance, improving the quality of health service to comply with the National Core Standards and the review of the National Drug Policy.