Care2Kids deliver specialized services to children, ranging from neonates to adolescents. Assessment and intervention to children, guidance to parents and training of professionals and educators, and working with children are included in this specialized service offered at IPW. Care2Kids offer a continuum of care towards communication-interaction, literacy, development and psychosocial behaviour for future wellbeing.

Scientific literature trends towards recommending services along a continuum of relationship-based support to children and families to promote wellbeing and community health.

It is widely recognized that the focus of such intervention should initially be on the first 1000 hours, then the first 1000 days, followed by the development from three years to five years of age and then continuing until adolescence. Care2Kids aims to offer a unique multi-professional service to children, following the international trend towards a continuum of care, not elsewhere available in the North-West Province.

The trend towards a continuum of care with focus on the first 1000 days promotes early medical and neurodevelopment intervention within a relationship-based model. A relationship-based model of support and therapeutic intervention offer the following long term benefits to the developing child:

  • Optimised cognitive learning and scholastic performance by stimulating more neural circuitry, optimize brain organization and develop communication skills, emergent literacy  and listening skills
  • Optimal health by supporting the immune system with positive experiences
  • Optimal mental health by regulation of the hormonal system and neuro-transmitter levels through mother-child interaction-attachment and parent-child interaction. This also activates the left pre-frontal and frontal parts of the developing brain associated with positive thoughts and attitude
  • Optimise resilience by developing protective factors using the young child’s natural optimism as a window of opportunity
  • Optimal development of empathy by developing mind-mindedness through enhanced parent-child communication interaction styles

Our services Include


NICU Graduate Stars

Early detection and intervention of developmental difficulties is key to a child’s optimal development and later academic performance.
Care2Kids@IPW (CHHP: Psychology & Wellbeing) offer a unique service to support children 0 – 24 months and their parents to achieve the best possible development outcome after NICU admission or preterm birth.



   Autism Diagnosis Unit


 Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are estimated to affect 1 in 68 children and increasing. Although symptoms of an Autism Spectrum Disorder are evident from very early on for children, and it is widely accepted that earlier intervention is better, a shortage of professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience often adds to delays in diagnosis. Currently, professionals and parents from the Northwest province are faced with difficulty obtaining a diagnostic assessment and limited resources available once the diagnosis is made.
The CHHP: Psychology & Wellbeing and a Specialist Child Psychiatrist collaborated to establish a unit offering assessment of children and adolescents suspected of having Autism related symptoms.

   Multidisciplinary Unit


Care2Kids offer a unique multi-professional service (includes psychologist,neurologist,speech-language therapist and social worker) to children, following the international trend towards a continuum of care, focusing on family and relationships. Our MDT sessions include a complete assessment, feedback session and report.