Senior Registration

Important Registration Information

Senior students (returning students) from the Faculty of Health Sciences are encouraged to register online.

All registrations, curriculum control and student requests will be able to be done by students themselves online.

Ensure that you are familiar with the registration process.

Step by step procedure to register

1. Carefully read through the instructions below.

2. Make sure your finances are in order here.

3. Refer to our yearbook and all your programme requirements here.

4. Review your student record here

5. Register online here

Online registration

Students who do not require assistance to register can click here to register online.

Students who require assistance to register

  1. Students who require assistance with curriculum control can follow this process:
  • Curriculum control refers to the process of selecting the modules you need to enroll for the current year.
  • Step 1: Make sure your minimum fees have been paid or that you have made the necessary arrangements with the finance department here.
  • Step 2: Check your course information here.
  • Step 3: Using this information, make a list if the modules you must register for and then proceed to online registration.

       2. If you require assistance to change your course:

  • Do not register yet.
  • Fill in the change of qualification form here and e-mail it to and the Programme Leader will sign it and send it to Student Administration.
  • Wait for your request to be approved and follow up within 72 hours / 3 days at
  • Refer to our Yearbook for all our programmes and requirements here.


Students who require further assistance with registration

Contact us at

​Contact your course specific programme leader here.

Students who want to add/drop modules

Register online.

Apply to add/drop modules via the NWU DIY app.