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<>Dr Pieter Boshoff presented a paper on Implementation and Evaluation of a Psycho-social Therapeutic Programme (PTP) for Police Officials Attached to the specialised units in South Africa at the 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health:  ENHANCING THE HUMAN CONDITION: Negotiating and Creating Change. Singapore, June 2016. The co-autor was Prof Herman Strydom from the North-West University.

<>Prof Corinne Strydom and Prof Herman Strydom attended the 2nd African Region Conference of the International Association of Gerontloogy in Nairobi, Kenia. 2016

<>Dr Richard Cowden presented a paper at the 21st Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science in Vienna, Austria. The topic was on mental toughness. July 2016.

<>Dr Lizane Wilson and Dr Shanaaz Hoosain presented a paper on Community engagement at the Community Engagement Symposium ate Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. 2016.

<>Prof Herman Grobler co-presented a paper at the Community Engagement Symposium in Vanderbijlpark. June 2016. The paper was presented on An exploration of families' strengths and needs: A community engagement approach. Co-presenters were dr fazel Freeks and Mrs Janine van Aardt.

<>Dr Carlien Van Wyk from SKJF attended the following coneferences:

  • Conference of the international society for child indicators:  From welfare to well-being (2 – 4 September 2015)
  • Other:An international week was attended during March 2015 in Hasselt (Belgium) where lectures were presented to students.

<>Prof Herman Grobler co-presented a paper at the MMIRA 2016 conference, Durham University, England. August 2015. The paper was presented on: The effectiveness of appreciative inquiry in strengthening the sense of self of intellectually challenged adolescents within familial relationships: a mixed methods approach. Co-presenter was Mrs Christene Louw.

<>Prof Herman Grobler is co-presenter at conference presented by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology in Paris, France. June 2015. The paper was presented on: A Psycho-education strategy as a method for reconstructing identity in the context of family violence. Other presenters were Prof Karel Botha and Dr Charlene Petersen

<>Dr Annelize Bonthuys presented a paper on The Tomatis® Method : A systematic review of the theoretical value and applicability in the promotion of self-regulation. The presentation was done at the 14th European Congress of Psychology - Milan, Italy 7-10 July 2015. Co presenter was prof Karel Botha.

<>Prof Karel Botha presented a paper on self-regulation in response to adversity emphasize the role and importance of negative emotions. Presentation was done at the 14th European Congress of Psychology in Milan, Italy. July 2015.

<>Dr Marie Steyn presented a poster at the XIII Annual International Conference, of the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society (BCES), Sofia, Bulgaria, 10 - 13 June 2015. The topic was Student selection: North West University, South Africa. Co authors were Prof Elma Ryke and Ms Corrie Reeder


<>Prof Timothy Guetterman from the University of Michigan presented a workshop on Mixed-methods in January 2017 

<>Prof Herman attended a workshop on interactive-participatory mixed methods at the University of Michigan, USA. March 2016.

<>Prof Retha Bloem presented a paper at the International Week for Social Work. The topic of the International Week was "Diversity: the future of health and social care". Her presentation was on Promoting diversity in social care, using community maps as tool in exploring strengths and challenges in families....June 2016.

<>Dr Lanthe Kruger and Dr Karlien Smit from AUTeR, North-West University presented a two day workshop on systematic review in August 2016

<>Prof Herman Grobler presenting workshop on identity formation during the International Week of Social Work at PXL Social Work (PXL University College) in Hasselt, Belgium. March 2015

<>Prof Herman attended workshops on Visualization Methods for Integrating Diverse Data in Mixed Methods Research and Application of Recent Innovations in Mixed Methods Research Procedures at Durham University, England. August 2015


NRF-rated researchers

Prof Karel Botha (C3)

Prof Wim Roestenburg (C3)

Prof Mike Weyers (C2)

Prof Herman Strydom (C3)