What does a BSc degree in Consumer Sciences entail?

The composition of the South African consumers’ population who gained access to the market environment has changed during the past few years. The role of the consumer scientist is to address the needs of these consumers with regard to nutrition, housing, clothing and textiles. Consumer scientists can therefore use their knowledge and skills to help consumers improve their life skills and socio-economic situation.


Manner of presentation and duration of program.

The program is presented full-time and covers a period of three (3) years.


What are the admission requirements for the degree?

  • University admission;
  • At least one science subject at level 4 (50-59%) (approved science subjects: Mathematics or Physical or Agricultural or Life Sciences) – an average mark of 70% and higher in Mathematics Literacy will be considered;
  • APS-score: The results achieved in four designated subjects plus two NSC subjects will be taken into consideration. The results achieved in Life orientation will not be taken into account. An APS score of at least 24.
  • Language requirement: A pass mark of 50-59%(level 4) in the language of teaching and learning concerning home language or first additional language level.


What is the selection process for the degree?


Career opportunities:

  • Fashion, interior and food retail trades which have different management and marketing options;
  • Tourism and hospitality industries in possible managerial or entrepreneurial capacity;
  • Interior design and decorating which also includes entrepreneurial options; and
  • Education and training, as well as capacity building in a variety of fields aimed at different target groups.