Training year after selection for specialisation in Kinderkinetics in the 4th academic year (honours degree).


Obtained honours degree, specialising in Kinderkinetics in the 4th academic year, with evidence of 300 hours of practical experience during these years as a Kinderkineticist intern in an accredited Kinderkinetics practice. Registration with SAPIK after obtaining the qualification as a Kinderkineticist intern is a requirement to practice as kinderkineticist.

Kinderkineticist intern-trainee

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Kinderkineticist intern

Meets requirements, after which registration as Kinderkineticist intern may occur at SAPIK.

Master or PhD studies in Kinderkinetics

A 60% academic requirement for an honours degree is required to enroll for a Master's degree in Kinderkinetics. A Master’s degree in Kinderkinetics is required to enroll for a PhD.