Current M.Sc students:



Simonè King  

Effect of n-3 PUFA on lung lipid signaling and histology in a TB-sensitive mouse model  

Magriet Barnard 

Evaluation of admission criteria and treatment guidelines of African infants and children (0-59 months) diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition – the SAMAC-Study  

Prince Kweku Yalley Abban 

Nutrition support practice in Ghana: A survey of selected hospitals in Western and Central regions

Geetah Slamie Saydee

Dietary diversity of pregnant women attending health facilities in Maryland County and Cape Mounty county in Liberia



Humphrey Chantenga

Doris Nanga 

Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) among 6 – 23 months infants in Nutrition Rehabilitation Units of Malawian Tertiary Hospitals, micronutrient supplementation approaches and outcomes: the SAMAC study 

Samuel Mwango 

The association of calcium intake, vitamin D serum, fat and lean mass on bone mineral density in black postmenopausal HIV women body composition 

Luizer Onditi 

Shams Bakali 

Investigate the association of HIV status and, structural and mechanical properties of blood clots