COVID-19 Management

The COVID-19 pandemic and the concomitant lockdown restrictions as implemented by the South African government has had a major impact on research at the university. In order to provide guidance in undertaking research during these times, the Faculty of Health Sciences Ethics Office for Research, Training and Support have made the following documentation available for use by staff members and students, to support them in the continuation of their research, during these difficult times, while still protecting the participants involved in the research and also adhering to the restrictions put in place by the government.


Communiques sent out during COVID-19 pandemic

Communique 1: Recommendations for research studies being undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic

Communique 2: Functioning of the Faculty of Health Sciences Ethics Office during the national lockdown

Communique 3: COVID-19 and major incident research

Communique 4: Proactive actions should amendments to approved research studies be required due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Communique 5: Research during the different lockdown alert levels

Communique 6: Restricted continuation of research during the covid-19 pandemic: differentiated requirements

Communique 7: COVID-19 research risk assessment and management

Communique 8: Update to restricted continuation of research during alert level two of the COVID-19 pandemic


Guiding documents for research during COVID-19

COVID-19 research risk assessment and management approach (version 2)

Implications of alert levels for researchers and postgraduate students during the COVID-19 pandemic (version 3)

Conducting qualitative research during a period of lockdown and social distancing


Template for request for resumption of research

Template for request to resume research