Strengthening families and communities through a community engagement initiative

This project is a NRF funded project that runs from 2015 to 2017 and is funded under the focus area of community engagement. The project is conducted in three phases: An exploration phase with regards to families' strengths and needs, a second phase where strategies will be developed together with the family and community members, and phase three that will focus on possible policy development.

The White Paper on Families (2013) is used as guide for the study, as it was based on three years of consultation and research with stakeholders from government and non-governmental organisations after which strategic priorities to strengthen families were suggested.  The focus of this project is on strategic priority three as stated in the White Paper on Families, focusing on strengthening the family, thereby strengthening communities.

The context of this study is rural communities in the Western Cape, Northern Cape and the North West Provinces. Seven researchers are allocated and bursaries are provided for seven students