The School of Pharmacy at the North-West University, Potchefstroom campus has various certificate/Short Learning Programs on offer. The courses are presented for the purposes of continued professional development (CPD) by distance learning. We aim to bring affordable and quality higher education within the reach of every Pharmacist and other Health Practitioner who qualifies for admission.


Most of the Short Learning Programs are offered by distance learning* with the advantage

of more flexibility regarding time and place. Examinations can be written at any of a

number of examination centres throughout the country.
* Compulsory contact sessions may be required in some instances.

The Short Learning Programs are presented in English. The study guides and group discussions through the internet are in English.

The delivery of these courses take place with the assistance of the eFundi, an electronic platform for communication with students of the North West University. As a pre- requisite students are expected to be able to have sufficient computer skills to be able to make use of this medium.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that each student must have constant, reliable Internet access.


The primary method of communication during your studies will be through the Universities educational platform, eFundi.

Administrative enquiries:

Mrs. Corrie Strydom supports students regarding general enquiries as well as referrals to relevant academic personnel and other administrative personnel. The best way to contact us is via e-mail.

Tel: 018 299 2260
Fax: 087 231 5428


The maximum duration of a short learning program is one semester (unless otherwise stated).

Student’s studies are terminated if the maximum duration of study is exceeded.


  • B.Pharm degree or any other qualification deemed as equivalent (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Registered Pharmacist at the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) (if applicable)
  • Experience in the appropriate field is strongly recommended, although it is not a prerequisite (unless otherwise indicated)
  • For admission to the Pharmacology Short Learning Programs a B.Pharm degree, an MBChB (medical practitioners) or a BChD (dentist) is required.


Registration deadlines:

First semester: 31 October (of the previous year) Second semester: 31 May 


An electronic study guide integrated with required study material is available for each Short Learning Program. The most important tool in the study process is the comprehensive study guide. Sometimes additional textbooks will also be required.


  • Assessment is performed by means of compulsory work assignments as well as a single written paper or the equivalent oral evaluation (unless otherwise indicated).
  • The short learning program mark is calculated from the mark achieved in the examination and, where applicable, from the participation mark (work assignments etc.).
  • Examinations are written at the examination centre the student registerd for.
  • The Pharmacology short learning programme examinations are written electronically on the students home or office computer (with Internet access).


Administrative enquiries:

Contact: Mrs. Corrrie Strydom

Tel: 018 299 2260


Programme Leader: Continuing Education

Contact: Mrs. Hannlie Hamman

Tel: 018 299 4073