Postgraduate studies

BHSc Hons in Physiology

Qualification code: 8EA L01 

The curriculum composed for this programme is of an academic nature. In composing the curriculum, consideration was given to the career opportunities and the human capital needs of the country. This curriculum prepares the student for further postgraduate study in Cardiovascular Physiology. This programme is presented full-time.


Faculty specific rules and requirements of the programme

a) A BSc degree with Physiology as a major subject or an equivalent qualification with in-depth knowledge of Physiology

b) Selection takes place during September to October and is subject to available capacity and approval by the school director

c) At least 65% average in Physiology on third-year level is required


For any additional information, contact Prof Yolandi Breet (



Qualification code: 8DD N01

The aim of this qualification is the training of postgraduate students to empower them to function on a highly specialised level as researchers in the health sciences and focus on the relevant research question within the field of health sciences or cardiovascular physiology. It is a research-based degree and comprises a research project and the submission of a dissertation and is only presented full-time in Afrikaans and English. It should preferably be completed within one year, but the Faculty permits a maximum period of two years.

The general closing date for applications is 31 October. Applications received after this date will be considered on merit.


For any additional information, contact Prof Carina Mels (


Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)

Qualification code: 8CD R03

The aim of the qualification is to enable a student who has already obtained a master’s degree in the field of Cardiovascular Physiology, or a qualification which is recognised as equivalent, to provide proof by means of a doctoral thesis that he/she made a definite scientific contribution to the development of new knowledge and/or applicable skills. A further aim of the qualification is to provide South Africa with scientific researchers that have a broad expertise and practical skills in the Health Science, with specialisation and mastership in Cardiovascular Physiology. The general closing date for applications is the 31 October. (After this date applications will be considered on merit). Studies can be conducted only on a full time basis.


For any additional information, contact Prof Carina Mels (


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Postgraduate administration

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