Useful links

The website of the International Society of Hypertension provides interesting information regarding its activities. Various members of HART are also members of the ISH.
The European Society of Hypertension is quite active with annual conferences where the latest advances in hypertension research are communicated. These conferences are actively attended by HART members.
The South African Hypertension Society has a website with links of various important resources, and information regarding the biannual SAHS conference. All members of HART are also members of the SAHS, and some also serve on the Advisory Board of the SAHS.

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) organises internationally recognised conferences of which the ESC Congress is the flagship meeting in Europe. The ESC has various sub-bodies such as councils, working groups and communities contributing to the understanding of cardiovascular pathology.



The CHCSA aims to drive policy change in healthcare for children and adolescents in South Africa and contribute to ongoing community engagement and outreach to promote health education among parents, teachers and children.