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Support program for PhD students:  

2019 - 1st edition 

1 edition

2022 - 2nd edition 

2nd edition

M.Sc students enrolled at NWU and UG 



Simonè King  

South Africa

Effect of n-3 PUFA on lung lipid signaling and histology in a TB-sensitive mouse model (Graduated 2020) 

Magriet Barnard 

South Africa 

Therapeutic Feeding of Infants and Children Aged 6-59 Months with Complicated Severe Acute Malnutrition – the SAMAC study

Prince Kweku Yalley Abban 


Nutrition support practices in selected hospitals in Ghana (Graduated 2020)

Geetah Slamie Saydee


Anaemia and dietary diversity  among pregnant women in Margibi and Grand Cape Mount Counties in Liberia (Graduated 2020)



Humphrey Chantenga


Transition phase feeding in infants and children (6-59 months) diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition in two Malawian hospitals: The SAMAC study

Doris Nanga 


Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) among 6 – 23 months infants in Nutrition Rehabilitation Units of Malawian Tertiary Hospitals, micronutrient supplementation approaches and outcomes: the SAMAC study 

Samuel Mwango


The association between serum vitamin D and body composition in black South African postmenopausal HIV positive women (Graduated 2020)

Luizer Onditi 


Comparing the clinical outcomes of severely malnourished HIV positive with HIV negative children (6-59 months) receiving in-patient management in give sub-Saharan African Countries- the SAMAC study.

Shams Bakali 


The association of HIV status and, structural and mechanical properties of blood clots. (Graduated 2020)





Evelyn Mensah  


An assessment of dietary Vitamin B12 intake and its association with serum Vit B12 levels of newly diagnosed patients with peripheral neuropathy

Tina Anyakee  


Nutrition support practices in selected hospitals in Nigeria



Deborah Kapute  


Relationship between foods containing carbohydrate components (dietary fibre and simple sugars) and fibrinogen

Alexander Kondwani


Prevalence of hypothermia in children 0-59 months with severe acute malnutrition and it's association with clinical outcomes

Muhindo Kyusa 

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) 

Development of an equation to estimate percentage body fat by bio-electric impedance in young South African adults


Bernice Steenkamp 



The association between stabilisation therapeutic feeds and clinical outcomes of infants less that six months diagnosed with Severe Acute Malnutrition – SAMAC study

Pearl Kudexia 


Infant and maternal nutrition