FLAGH (Farm Labour And General Health)


The in-depth research done by the multidisciplinary team in the FLAGH programme (2003-2007) was to get an understanding of the underlying causes of the problems experienced on farms. Expert researchers from the multidisciplinary research team integrated the results from this research within a transdisciplinary context into a product: LIFEPLAN®.

LIFEPLAN® is a self-empowerment tool for people who want to take up the opportunity to be equipped, to be trained and to be developed so that they can be skilled, self-sustainable, independent and hardworking.

After completing LIFEPLAN® the participants take pride in their personal ability, capability, potential, skills, experience and co-operation.


Holding Hands

The“HoldingHands” project is an initiative by the FLAGH (Farm Labour And General Health)-programme within AUTHeR. The project uses craft skills to enable women to start income-generating community projects in rural communities. These skills enable them to earn an income and help to improve their food security status.

There are currently four active income-generating community projects that form part of the “Holding Hands” project, two between Potchefstroom and Ventersdorp and two in Jan Kempdorp.

Sustainability is ensured through skill transfer. The project has grown tremendously, from a small income-generating project in the last ten years to a business servicing a number of regular clients with an extended range of products.

The income that the women earn has a very definite and positive effect on their daily lives as well as on their families, but above all it has the greatest effect on their self-esteem and self-worth.          


For further information contact Ms Christi Niesing or visit the FLAGH website.