The dynamic and complex world of health necessitates a transdisciplinary and holistic approach to understanding real-life challenges and finding suitable solutions. The PhD in Transdisciplinary Health Sciences has been designed to enable candidates to transcend the boundaries of their disciplines.


Purpose of the PhD in Transdisciplinary Health Sciences:

Healthcare professionals who are credited with this qualification will be able to function with advanced intellectual and research competencies in complex and ill-defined areas of health and well-being. They will have the ability to focus on a transdisciplinary team approach of comprehensive health and well-being across the total life span. They will be given the possibility to build on their mono- and multi-disciplinary knowledge base through transdisciplinarity. The programme will equip candidates to conduct high level research and make significant and original academic contributions in transdisciplinary health sciences. This qualification does not lead to an additional professional qualification. The programme will enable healthcare professionals from various disciplines to assist communities to exercise increasing control over and improvement of their own health and well-being. The healthcare professionals will be able to act as leaders, consultants, educators, specialist practitioners and researchers in transdisciplinary health sciences. This qualification is the highest type of qualification awarded to healthcare professionals, and will increase leadership capabilities in transdisciplinary health.

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