10th Child Health Priorities Conference

Survive, Thrive & Transform

Championing change for children

28 – 30 November 2019



The following workshops will be presented parallel to each other on Saturday, 30 November from 9:30 to 12:30 - at no addtional cost.

Please choose one to attend and register by clicking on the workshop name as link below.

Registration closes - Friday, 15 November 2019


Law, trials and the protection of children

Simulation of a trial in court depicting an in camera process and the use of the intermediary system (with minor as witness) with Senior Magistrate Ms Tshadi Leshomo.


Building stronger clinic-community relationships

An interactive workshop using blended methods of presentations, story-telling and toolkit activities. Seeking to bring together lessons and experiences from different settings and sectors. To bear on and illuminate discussions and explorations on how to build and instil values-led leaders, to act and be catalytic for social and economic transformation, individually and in communities, through learning, advocacy and service.


A teacher's guide to reporting child abuse

Protocol for identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect in the South African Educational system with Dr Lynn Preston. 


Severe Acute Malnutrition in South Africa

Important topics regarding South Africa's position in terms of severe acute malnutrition and the challenges faced by health care professionals will be discussed in this workshop. The panel will represent various levels of implementation and interventions, including National and provincial Departments of Health, NGOs, Industry and Academia. With Dr S Kauchali and Ms Mareverwa.


Game changers: Paediatric HIV and the HIV-exposed uninfected child

A fun and interactive workshop that will introduce participants to the game changers to be used in 2020 to turn around paediatric and adolescent care and programme. New drugs, new guidelines, new improved paediatric formulations, new tech solutions, new methods to tell a child/teenager they have HIV, and a new group of patients to look out for.


Breastfeeding workshop

Beyond messages, how can we better support mothers to breastfeed? This workshop will engage with evidence. Interactive sessions will facilitate engagement between stakeholders from academia, civil society and government among research and experiential evidence. Informing a breastfeeding strategy that the National Department of Health 'Side by Side' campaign could take forward at scale.