The CHPE follows a project-based approach. It identifies and drives specific teaching- and learning-related projects derived from the NWU Teaching and Learning Strategy and the Faculty of Health Sciences Teaching and Learning Plan.  

The main focus areas of the CHPE are:

  • Creating a more responsive higher-education system by helping with the identification, design and development of qualifications and programmes in health sciences.

  • Educating students for the challenges of the 21st century, which include interprofessional learning, work-integrated learning, service learning and team-based learning.

  • Improving student engagement in learning by designing and developing active learning pedagogies and interprofessional learning.

  • Promoting innovative teaching and learning design by developing and empowering the faculty to investigate, implement and evaluate new forms of teaching and learning that talk to the 21st-century student.

  • Professional development of lecturers to become experts in teaching and learning, especially in blended learning, using interactive e-learning platforms. A teaching and learning mentorship programme is also part of the focused professional development opportunities presented by the CHPE