A kinderkineticist is a person with the following qualifications:

  • A three year BA or BSc degree in a Human Movement Science major.
  • Specialisation (subject to verification) in Kinderkinetics in the 4th academic year (honours) with practical experience during the honours year of academic training, equivalent to 300 hours in an accredited Kinderkinetics practice.
  • A three year degree in Human Movement Science or a diploma in Kinderkinetics at an accredited training institution, with 60 practical hours and prescribed workshops, gives way for registration and execution of limited acts of Kinderkinetics as a Kinderkinetics intern.
  • Master's or PhD degree in Kinderkinetics. After completing an honours degree in Kinderkinetics (60% academic requirement), a student may enroll for further studies of a master's degree or further a PhD study in Kinderkinetics.