Research programmes

Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA) aims to help find solutions for various challenges in the South African healthcare system by conducting research in two subprogrammes, i.e. “Medicine resource research” and “Medicine outcomes research”. In both these programmes, a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach is followed in order to strengthen the impact of our research on the healthcare industry and the scientific community.

Subprogramme I: Medicine Resource Research

Medicine resource research encompasses research that investigates all health system-, processes- and resource-related factors that influence appropriate medicine usage on individual patient, community and health system levels. The focus is on indicators of equity, accessibility, affordability and availability of pharmaceutical services that support the appropriate use of medicine in both public and private health sectors.

Subprogramme II: Medicine Outcomes Research

Medicine outcomes research is applied clinical and population-based research that seeks to study and optimize the outcomes of medicine therapy in terms of benefit to the patient and society. The intent of medicine outcomes research is to identify medicine usage practices and to develop strategies to improve health care.