The North-West University (NWU) has once again proven that it is dedicated to conducting ground-breaking research within the health field.

The university recently purchased the Cellink BioX, 3D bio-printer, a first of its kind not only in South Africa but also on the African continent.

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Research article from Dr Chrisna Gouws at Pharmacen™ regarding traditional medicine attracts much attention from the larger Africa.

The initial aim of the article was by large, to create awareness under the general public regarding the potential interaction between traditional medicine and
Western prescribed medication.

Interest in the article was widespread across Africa even as far as Ghana and Kenya.  Zim Radio even created a YouTube Video thereof.

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A national honour recently bestowed two experts of the North-West University (NWU). Prof Jeanetta du Plessis and Prof Richard Gordon, both
from the Centre of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacen™), were appointed as members of the National Health Research Committee.

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Me Candice Csongradi, received the vice chancellors medal for the best master’s degree student in the Faculty of Health Sciences.  This prestigious
medal was awarded during the “Excellence in research 2016” dinner.
The title of her dissertation for the MSc degree in Pharmaceutics was “The effect of solid-state forms on the topical delivery of roxithromycin”. 
Her study leaders were Dr Minja Gerber (leader), Prof Jeanetta du Plessis (co-leader) and Prof Marique Aucamp (assistant leader). 
Two publications from this study have already been published in international peer reviewed scientific journals and a third has been submitted.


The following researchers from the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences [Pharmacen™] received NRF-rating:
Front: Prof Tiaan Brink: C2 [re-evaluation]
Middle: Prof Marique Aucamp: Y2 [first time evaluated]
Back: Prof Sias Hamman: C2 [re-evaluation]


Researchers and postgraduate students of the Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences, excelled yet again,
by receiving numerous awards at the All Africa Congress on Pharmacy and Pharmacology,
which was held from 5-8 October 2016 at the Misty Hills Hotel and Conference Centre at Muldersdrift.

Back: Mr Francois Viljoen, Prof Brian Harvey, Dr Marisa Möller-Wolmarans, Prof Douglas Oliver.  Front: Prof Tiaan Brink and Ms Wilmie Renegass.
Awards presented:
  • The South African Society for Basic and Clinical Pharmacology [SASBCP] prize for the Best Podium Presentation: Young Pharmacologist - Basic Pharmacology,
    was awarded to Ms Wilmie Renegass for her presentation titled: Evaluation of agomelatine treatment on anxiety-like behaviours in social isolation reared
    rats, and its relation with gender
    .  Co-authors are Prof Brian Harvey and Dr Marisa Möller-Wolmarans.
  • The SASBCP also awarded an honorary membership to Prof Douglas Oliver, in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to pharmacology and the
    pharmacological society in South Africa, the African continent and internationally.
The Academy for Pharmaceutical Sciences (APSSA) awarded the Boehringer Ingelheim Best Publication in Pharmacology-prize to Prof Brian Harvey with co-authors
Lily Mokoena, Francois Viljoen, Suria Ellis and Tiaan Brink.


Back: Dr Dewald Steyn, Mr Werner Gerber, Prof Sias Hamman.  Front: Prof Lissinda du Plessis and Ms Madelaine Raats.
Awards presented:
  • The winner of the Boehringer Ingelheim Young Scientist-prize is Mr Werner Gerber for his podium presentation titled: Evaluation of the effects of selected
    disintegrants on drug membrane permeation

    Co-authors are Dr Dewald Steyn and Prof Sias Hamman.
  • The APSSA awarded the Best Poster Runner-up-prize as well as the Separations-prize for Best Poster with a Chromatography Component to Ms Madelaine Raaths. 
    The tile of the poster is In vitro evaluation of the enzyme inhibition and membrane permeation properties of benzophenones extracted from honeybush and the
    co-authors are Lissinda du Plessis, Christiaan Malherbe and Sias Hamman.
The Boehringer Ingelheim Best Publication in Pharmaceutics-prize was awarded to Prof Lissinda du Plessis with co-autors Katya Govender, Paolo Denti and Lubbe Wiesner.