The members of the drug delivery sub-programme conduct research on drug delivery processes across biological membranes in order to deliver more patient-effective drugs and the development of novel cost-effective drug delivery systems.

Research topics:

  • Optimal physico-chemical properties for an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to be effective, stable and of the highest quality to be delivered as a drug entity.
  • Investigation of solid-state properties of API’s and application of these principles to the design, development, manufacture and quality of drug delivery systems.
  • Physico-chemical determinants of dermal delivery.
  • Treatment of skin diseases in HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Enhanced dermal delivery of drugs, as well as cosmetic actives.
  • Enhanced delivery of drugs for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.
  • Optimisation of the formulation of oral, transdermal, nasal and topical products.



Magister Scientiae (MSc) Pharmaceutics

Programme code: 8DG N01
Curriculum code:  G801P
Module code:        FMSG 871 [Pharmaceutics]

The minimum duration for the study is one year and the maximum duration two years, calculated from the date of the first registration for the particular programme. The faculty’s decision is based on the current subsidy model for universities and may differ from other faculties or regulations.

Although a maximum study period of two years is granted by the faculty, students who apply for an additional third study year according to the Academic rules of the University, must note that it will have financial implications for them.
The MSc degree in Pharmaceutics is a research-based degree and consists of a research project and the writing of a dissertation on a topic in the field of Pharmaceutics. The aim of the curriculum is to provide in South Africa’s need of high-level manpower in the pharmacy profession. The student will distinguish himself/herself as a specialist in the specific chosen field (programme) and will be capable of applying Research Methodology at this level and in the specific field of study.
The curriculum is presented fulltime in Afrikaans and English.
Admission requirements:
  • A four year BPharm degree or a BSc (Pharm) degree with a suitable honours degree or a qualification which the Senate deems to be equivalent. In all the above-mentioned cases additional course work will be required as determined by the specific programme coordinator.
  • Selection involves the submission of a formal application form, an internal selection form and curriculum vitae by the applicant as well as a possible interview by the sub-programme leader and researchers.
  • A 60% pass mark will be required for first semester modules in the final year of the BPharm degree.
  • The research director may refuse a prospective student admission to a curriculum if the standard of proficiency that the student has reached previously in the specific subject(s) wherein he/she wants to study does not comply with the specific curriculum requirements.

Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) Pharmaceutics

Programme code: 8CC R02
Curriculum code:  G901P
Module code:        FMSG 971 [Pharmaceutics]
The PhD degree is a research-based degree and consists of a study (research project) and a thesis in Pharmaceutics.
The curriculum is presented on a fulltime basis in Afrikaans and English.

This curriculum has a dual aim, namely:

  • for the student who has reached the level of a master’s degree in the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Practice, to show with a doctoral thesis that he/she has made a significant contribution to the development of (1) new scientific knowledge, and/or (2) new skills in a specific research field, thus making an addition of value to the community in the fields of knowledge and skills in his/her specific field, and
  • To provide South Africa with advanced pharmaceutical scientists and practising manpower with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in different pharmaceutical-scientific and practice disciplines.  With this qualification the student can contribute to a broadening of the leadership base for innovative and knowledge-based economic and scholastic activities in the country.

Admission requirements:
  • A master’s degree or equivalent qualification as approved by Senate is required in the particular field of specialization.
  • Selection involves the submission of a formal application form, an internal selection form and curriculum vitae by the applicant as well as a possible interview by the sub-programme leader and researchers.
  • Admission may be refused if the standard of proficiency that the student has acquired previously in the specific subject(s) in which the student wants to study further does not meet the requirements of the specific program/curriculum.
  • In the case where a student wish to present a thesis in the form of research articles, the stipulations of the General Rules hold.

PGDip (Cosmetic Product Formulation)

Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic Product Formulation
Programme code: 8DQ D01
Curriculum code:  G501P
Module codes:      PFCP511 [Cosmetic science, research, development & manufacturing]
                              PFCP512 [Formulation of personal care products]
                              PFCP513 [Formulation of skin care products]
                              PFCP521 [Formulation of sun care products]
                              PFCP522 [Formulation of fragrance products]
                              PFCP523 [Formulating hair care porducts:  shampoos and conditioners]
                              PFCP524 [Formulating chemical hair care processing products]
                              PFCP525 [Formulating colour cosmetic products]
The minimum duration of the study is one year. It is a part time postgraduate diploma course. The study consists of eight modules of course work and two formal, compulsory contact sessions of one week each.
Admission requirements: A BPharm or BSc in Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Botany, Medical Sciences, Microbiology, Physiology or Zoology.  Chemistry I is a prerequisite. BSc graduates must have at least one year cosmetic formulation experience.