Leadership Development

The African Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP) started as an activity of the Centre of Excellence for Nutrition at North-West University in 2002 when the first 10-day leadership development programme was hosted.  The ANLP has a long history of leadership development in Africa with a highly committed team of individuals with leadership and nutrition expertise and a well-established network throughout Africa consisting of decision makers, practitioners, nutrition stakeholders and with institutions in the leadership and change management fields in South Africa and abroad.  The programme was initiated and is lead by Africans in Africa for African nutrition leaders.

The programme has been hosted annually since 2002 and is sponsored by a number of different international public and private entities.  The mission of the ANLP is to empower early and mid-career nutrition leaders by developing their leadership capabilities and become part of a pan-African network for transformational nutrition leaders who will be influential change agents and contribute significantly to the alleviation of malnutrition on the African continent. Based on our experience in various African countries the focus is now on growing nutrition leaders to empower stakeholders with leadership skills and to facilitate processes to turn plans into action.

The annual 10-day ANLP programme is attended by 27-30 selected participants from 12-17 different African countries.  The ANLP has established a growing pan-African network of 270 early and mid-career nutrition professionals from 32 different African countries – the largest such African nutrition network.  The programme focus is on developing leadership capabilities which include self-management capabilities (self-awareness, ability to balance conflicting demands, ability to learn, leadership values), social capabilities (ability to build and maintain relationships, ability to build effective work groups, communication skills, ability to develop others), work facilitation capabilities (management skills, ability to think and act strategically, ability to think creatively, ability to initiate and implement change).  

The ANLP is a forum and runs innovative programs initiated and lead by Africans and is intended to have an impact in Africa and as such is unique in its approach.  Leadership does not only belong to the realm of business and politics -  our philosophy is that everyone should all lead from where they stand and we aim to creatively influence a well-defined priority area namely malnutrition in Africa.  The programme has supported the launch of mandatory food fortification in Kenya via a tailor-made, focused change leadership development intervention with the Kenyan National Food Fortification Alliance between 2010 and 2012 and is currently developing programmes in Zambia and Mozambique.


For more information visit our website at www.africanutritionleadership.org