Research projects 2019-2022 (current and completed)




Study leaders / Promoters

2019. Evaluation of factors affecting the implementation of HIV/AIDS treatment guidelines in Lesotho (Ramathlebane, M.V.) (PhD)

Lubbe, M.S. & Minnie, C.S.

2020. Perceptual systems of the self-management of students living with diabetes mellitus: an IQA approach. (Jacobs, J.K.D) (MPharm)

Basson, W.D., Basson, M.M.

2020. Investigation of the demographic profile and standard of community pharmacy practice in Lesotho. (Tlali, R.) (MPharm)

Lubbe, M.S., Gerber, J.J. & Naude, A.

2021. Non-communicable disease management in the public health system of Lesotho. (Maja, L.) (PhD)

Burger, J.R., Lubbe, M.S. & Julyan, M.

2022. Exploring vaccine hesitancy in students attending a South African university. (Leeuwner, A.) (MPharm)

Basson, M.J. & Basson, W.D.

2023. Self-reported adherence of patients on antiretroviral therapy at a provincial hospital in South Africa (Mashanyare, T.) (MPharm)

Vorster, M. & Julyan, M.

To be completed


The scope of practice of the pharmacist and pharmacy support personnel in a changing healthcare environment (Mfuku, Z.) (PhD)

Lubbe, M.S., Naidoo, P. & Butler, N.

Nature and standard of retail pharmacy practice in the Kingdom of Eswatini. (Amu, A.) (PhD)

Burger, J.R., Lubbe, M.S., Truter, I. & Joubert, R.

Ownership of community pharmacies and its influence on equitable pharmaceutical service provision in South Africa (Makoena, M.) (PhD)

Lubbe, M.S., Burton, S. & Basson, W.D.

Evaluation of a pharmacy grading system on good pharmacy practice compliance in South Africa. (Tlala, V.) (PhD)

Lubbe, M.S.

Exploring internship sites and tutoring interns during the pharmacist internship programme in South Africa (Naude, A.) (PhD)

Lubbe, M.S., Basson, W.D. & Heymans, Y.

The validation of assessment methods in the pharmacist internship programme in South Africa (Masiza, H) (PhD)

Heymans, Y. & Lubbe, M.S.

Evaluation of the pre-registration examination methods of pharmacist interns in South Africa (Maloka, K.H.M) (MPharm)

Kotzé, I., Basson., W.D., Naude, A. & Van Niekerk, F.

The structure of the pharmacist internship programme in South Africa: A critical review. (Lewis, A.N.) (PhD)

Lubbe, M.S., Burton, S., Heymans, Y. & Joubert, R.

A multilevel and sectoral investigation of causes, consequences, and mitigation strategies for medication stockouts in Botswana (preliminary) (Matome, M.A.) (MPharm)

Kotzé, I., Motaze, N.V. & Lubbe, M.S.

Factors influencing implementation of the “One health approach” to the prevention of antimicrobial resistance in Lesotho. (preliminary) (Sello, M.) (PhD)

Motaze, N.V., Kotzé, I., Lubbe, M.S.

The perceptual systems of the differently motivated older chronic medication users regarding medication adherence: An Interactive Qualitative Analysis. (Boswell, K.) (MPharm)

Basson, W.D. & Basson, M.J.






Study leaders/promoters

To be completed


The burden of childhood cancer in Ghana (Owusu, W.E.) (PhD)

Burger, J.R., Lubbe, M.S. & Joubert, R.

Dispensing patterns of lipid-lowering medication in the South African private healthcare sector (2005-2020) (Boshoff, L.) (MPharm)

Joubert, R., Burger, J.R. & Lubbe, M.S.

Overview  of the treatment cost for inpatients with tuberculosis at Katutura Intermediate Hospital, Namibia (Dumeni, L.) (MPharm)

Burger, J.R., Joubert, R. & Kotzé, I.





Study leaders / Promoters

2019: Testosterone undecanoate associated polycythaemia in males with late-onset hypogonadism in private practice (Bester, H.L.) (MPharm)

Du Plessis, J.M. & Julyan, M.

2019: Secondary Candida infection resulting from antibiotic use in an ICU unit (Pieterse, A.) (MPharm)

Du Plessis, J.M. & Julyan, M.

2019: Pharmacoepidemiological analysis of comorbid type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension in outpatients at a public hospital (Mugaba, T.) (MPharm)

Burger, J.R. & Lubbe, M.S.

2019: Guideline compliance in type 2 diabetic care: Regional hospital outpatient department in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District (Venter, D.E.) (MPharm)

Du Plessis, J.M., Vorster, M. & Joubert, R.

2019. Pharmacists' perception towards pharmacovigilance and the reporting of adverse drug reactions in South Africa (Jordaan, P.H.) (MPharm)

Lubbe, M.S., Kotzé, I & Rakumakoe, D.M.

2019. Factors leading to uncontrolled blood pressure in patients taking antihypertensive treatment in Lesotho (Mafisa, R.K.) (MPharm)

Joubert, R. & Rakumakoe, D.M.

2019. Epidemiology of childhood cancer in a section of the private health sector of South Africa (Otoo, M.N.) (MPharm)

Burger, J.R. & Lubbe, M.S.

2019. Assessment of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in a South African private hospital group (Van der Merwe, M.) (MPharm)

Du Plessis, J.M. & Julyan, M.

2019. Influence of blood culture results on antimicrobial prescribing in a private hospital in North West. (Du Plessis, A.) (MPharm)

Joubert, R, Du Plessis, J & Lubbe, M.S.

2021. Profile of South African HIV/AIDS patients in a medical scheme environment (Erasmus, T.) (MPharm)

Lubbe, M.S., Burger, J.R. & Naude, A.

2021. Analysis of adverse event reports for patients with diabetes on Novo Nordisk® insulins in Africa and the Middle East during 2018. (Mlotshwa, C.) (MPharm)

Burger, J.R., Rakumakoe, DM & Vorster, M.

2021. Adherence to antiretroviral drugs after changing from a multiple-tablet regimen to a fixed-dose combination regimen in adult HIV/AIDS patients (Kruger-Swanepoel, G.E.) (MPharm)

Lubbe, M.S., Vorster, M. & Rakumakoe, D.M.

2021. The profile and standard of reporting of adverse drug reactions in South Africa (Matlala, M.F.) (MPharm)

Steyn, H. & Lubbe, M.S.

2021. Assessment of current pharmacovigilance guidelines in Southern Africa: A descriptive document analysis. (Makhene, N.L.) (MPharm)

Burger, J.R., Lubbe, M.S., Steyn, H &
Vorster, M.

2022. A retrospective analysis of phentermine in the private healthcare sector of South Africa: Duration and drug-drug interactions (Fourie, A.) (MPharm)

Du Plessis, J.M., Julyan, M & Mostert, C.S.

2022. Pharmacists’ perceptions of adverse drug reaction reporting in public sector facilities (Seepo, I.A.) (MPharm)

Steyn, H, Van Niekerk, A.F. & Lubbe, M.S.

Opioid prescribing trends and patterns in the South African private health sector, 2010-2015. (Chauke, J.) (MPharm)

Burger, J.R. & Lubbe, M.S.

To be completed


Quantitative assessment of antibiotic utilisation in public sector healthcare systems of Limpopo Province, South Africa. (Mthombeni, C.) (PhD)

Burger, J.R., Lubbe, M.S. &
 Julyan, M.

Epidemiology of hypothyroidism in the South African private healthcare sector. (Jordaan, A.) (MPharm)

Burger, J.R., Du Plessis, & J.M. & Lubbe M.S.

Healthcare professionals’ behaviour and perceptions regarding the reporting of medication errors in health facilities in the Kgalagadi South District, Botswana (Monyepi, N.) (MPharm)

Van Niekerk, F. & Burger, J.R.

Antibiotic consumption and ESKAPE pathogen resistance in public healthcare institutions in Lesotho (Letsa, M.A.) (PhD)

Burger, J.R. & Kotzé, I.

A medicine utilisation review for the treatment of COVID-19 in a private hospital in Gauteng, South Africa (Gopaul, V.) (MPharm)

Joubert, R, Van Niekerk, F. & Mostert, C.S.

Knowledge of pharmacovigilance and experience with reporting adverse drug events by adults in South Africa. (Ncube, K.) (MPharm)

Motaze, N.V., Steyn, H. & Lubbe, M.S.

Intravenous antibiotic use and resistance profiling at a private hospital, North West Province, South Africa (Seimela, D.) (MPharm)

Du Plessis, J.M., Vorster, M & Van Niekerk, F.

Prescribing trends of antidepressants, anxiolytics, and antipsychotics among youth in the South African private health sector. (Van Lill, J.) (MPharm)

Burger, J.R., Lubbe, M.S. & Joubert, R.

Medicine prescribing patterns in South Africa before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Van Rooyen, S.) (MPharm)

Motaze, N.V., Lubbe, M.S. & Kotzé, I.