The research entity “Medicine  Usage in South Africa (MUSA)” has the unique research purpose of understanding those factors that influence patients’ appropriate  use of medicine within the Southern African healthcare context.

In 2008, MUSA was established as a research niche area within the Faculty of Health Sciences of the NWU; more specifically, the entity developed from two subject groups, namely Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy, in the School of Pharmacy. The research entity achieved focus area status in 2023.

MUSA has established itself as a crucial role player in creating a sustainable and safe environment for the use of medicine to positively impact access to quality medicine and improve the health profile of the southern African community. This is achieved by conducting relevant and high-quality postgraduate training and research on the appropriate use of medicine by patients in both the public and private healthcare sectors in Southern Africa and by building the capacity of resources in the safe use of medicine through collaborative partnerships and empowerment.

MUSA also aims to advance the knowledge of relevant target groups through the delivery of innovative products and solutions.


Health objectives of the National Development Plan Vision 2030