The Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacen™) is a research entity with a clear focus. The programmes of our research entity are linked to national priorities and have international research impact. Pharmacen™ currently consists of three research programmes:

  • Translational neuroscience and neurotherapeutics;
  • Drug delivery; and
  • Drug discovery.

The main activities of Pharmacen™ lie within the following research and functional groups:

  • Animal models of anxiety/stress disorders (MRC unit),
  • Novel drug design in neuroprotection,
  • Indigenous knowledge: phyto-chemistry and ethno-pharmacology,
  • Biopharmaceutics and drug delivery systems,
  • Solid-state pharmaceutical innovation and nanotechnology,
  • Cosmeceutical research,
  • Analytical technology laboratory; and
  • Laboratory of applied molecular biology.