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Following the promulgation of the new Department of Health and the National Health Research Ethics Council (NHREC) document in June 2015, it has become a requirement, for all researchers applying for ethical approval, to provide proof of formal training in research ethics within the past three years. As the Ethics Office of the Faculty of Heath Sciences, NWU, we started to apply this rule as from June 2016.

The Ethics Office will provide two opportunities for research ethics training during 2017 (January and April). Please make use of these opportunities.

For proof of training during ethics applications, to the Health Research Ethics Committee (HREC), the letter of attendance of the two day training course entitled, "The Basics of Health Research Ethics" (as indicated below), will be sufficient or an appropriate online course if you are unable to attend the training (See letter on compulsory modules of TRREE here).


TRREE Opleiding

Die 4 modules waarvoor die navorsers sertifikate vanaf die TRREE opleiding moet indien, is:

  • Module 1 "Introduction to research ethics"

  • Module 2.1 "Research ethics evaluation"

  • Module 3.1 "Informed consent"

  • "National supplement for South Africa"

Ons versoek ook graag, dat, indien die navorser kliniese proewe behartig, dat hulle ook Module 3.2 ("Good clinical practice") ook voltooi indien hulle nie 'n geakkrediteerde GCP kursus voltooi het nie


Komende Opleidingsessies


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