Research Integrity


The pressure to deliver research outputs can create feelings of despair and lead to non-compliance, vilation of good research practice and research misconduct and therefor it is of the utmost importance that we debate issues such as:

  • What is Research Non-compliance, Violation of Good Research Practice and Research Misconduct?

  • Fabrication, Falsification and Plagiarism

  • Questionable Research Practices

  • Responsible management of research data

  • Co-authorship

  • Conflict of interest, etc.


Honesty should be central in all aspects of conducting research.

Research Integrity ≠ Research Ethics

Research ethics is but a subset of research integrity


Research integrity is:

  • the cornerstone of scientific research

  • active adherence to the ethical principles

  • active adherence to professional standards

  • responsible practice of research

  • commitment to intellectual honesty and personal responsibility for ones' actions

  • an aspect of moral character and experience


Research Integrity Workshop 2019