Research & Innovation: Health Sciences

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Research Centres of Excellence:

The Centre of Excellence for Nutrition’s (CEN)

Research Centre of Excellence. Nutrition in the Life Cycle.

Centre of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacen)

Cutting-edge Pharmaceutical Research and Innovation Centre in South Africa.

Hypertension in Africa Research Team (HART)

Research Centre of Excellence. Striving to be the Premier Research Unit for Hypertension in Africa.


Research Focus Areas:

Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation (PhASRec)

PhASRec strives to contribute, through appropriate research and community engagement, to a more physically active, healthy and winning nation.

Quality in Nursing and Midwifery (NUMIQ)

Aims to improve the quality of nursing and midwifery through research to promote excellence in teaching-learning, clinical practice, community engagement, innovation and leadership.

Occupational Hygiene and Health Research Initiative (OHHRI)

OHHRI promotes worker health by preventing the development of occupational disease.

Community Psychosocial Research (COMPRES)

COMPRES improves psychosocial well-being in communities, through scientific and evidence-based research.


Research Niche Areas:

Medicine Usage in South Africa (MUSA)

Aims to improve the appropriate use of medication in Southern Africa through high-quality research and postgraduate training.


Commercial Research Entities:

Centre for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Services (CPBS)

CPBS is service-orientated and seeks to address the pharmaceutical and biomedical needs of national and international communities.

Integrated Research Integrity Management System (IRIMS)

The responsibility of the execution of the Integrated Research Integrity Management System (IRIMS) of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) is vested in the office of the Deputy Dean: Research and Innovation (DD: R&I) as a delegated function of the Executive Dean (ED).

Ethics Office for Research, Training and Support

Assisting researchers with the development of their research studies.

Supporting Nutrition Research and Education in Africa (SuNREA)

Supporting Nutrition Research and Education in Africa (SuNREA) collaboration between the North-West University and the University of Ghana to establish and strengthen nutrition research capacity in Africa.

Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR)

AUTHeR is known for community engagement and integration, as well as an holistic approach to research.

Centre for Health Professions Education (CHPE)

Promotes innovative and quality teaching and learning in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Preclinical Drug Development Platform (PCDDP)

Production of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, phytomedicines, as well as other botanically derived medicines.