The Virtual Open Day aims to introduce future post-graduate students interested in a

Masters or Doctoral degree in Human Movement Sciences, to the research conducted at the

Research Focus Area of Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation a the NWU.



For all postgraduate application enquiries, please contact Charmaine Stone

Closing date for late 2021 applications is 20 January 2021.


High levels of physical inactivity, an increase in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as obesity and hypertension, and a drop in participation in school sports and high level sport performers, these are the themes driving the focus of research in PhASRec. The research focus area of Physical activity, sport and Recreation, found in 2009, strives to contribute, through appropriate research and community engagement, to a more physically active, healthy and winning nation. Our slogan is therefore: "Researching human movement: from the cradle to the grave"


 PhASRec is a dynamic, multi-cultural research entity with expertise in the fields of motor control and development, exercise physiology, sport and exercise sciences, health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation of chronic disease and orthopeadics, recreation management and programming, therapeutic recreation, physical activity, obesity and anthropometry.


The research is structured within three research sub-programs. These programs are the physical activity subprogram, sport science subprogram and the recreation subprogram.

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