Masters and PhD in Consumer Sciences


A postgraduate qualification in Consumer Sciences gives you the opportunity to improve your knowledge of consumer behaviour and to develop skills to research and understand consumers and the decisions they make. Consumer insight is a much sought after skill within the industry to enable manufacturers and retailers to deliver products and services according to consumer needs. Therefore, a post-graduate degree in Consumer Sciences will not only develop you as an academic, but will equip you with knowledge and skills to make a valuable contribution when following a career in this discipline.


Purpose of the M and PhD in Consumer Sciences

Both the Master of Consumer Sciences and PhD of Consumer Sciences are research-based and fall within the Africa Unit of Transdisciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR) with a focus on enhancing consumer interests and well-being (CON-WELL). The programme will equip candidates to conduct high-level research and to make significant and original academic contributions related to consumer behaviour. Individuals credited with this qualification will have the necessary skills to function and lead within a team. They will have the ability to successfully utilise consumer behaviour research within household, work and retail settings as a vehicle to assist consumers to utilise their external and internal resources effectively and optimally towards enhancing their interests and well-being.

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For further information, contact the Programme Chair, Prof Daleen van der Merwe