Master of Arts in Positive Psychology (MAPP)


The Magister Artium in Positive Psychology (MAPP) is a 2-year structured Master's programme comprising tuition and research components. The tuition component consists of four modules offered in the form of contact sessions on campus during the first year of study. Students must pass this component to progress to the last module. The fifth module is the research component in the form of a mini-dissertation. As an essential part of the research component, it is compulsory for students to acquire a certificate for the ethics training provided by HREC.

*Please note the MA in Positive Psychology is a specialised degree in Positive Psychology and not a clinical qualification. This degree does not provide registration at the HPCSA or any other legislative body. Due to current South African legislation, students who have completed the qualification are encouraged to apply the knowledge and skills gained in their context, adhering to the scope of practice in their specific field.

The purpose of MAPP is to offer students an advanced knowledge base of, and research competence into, the nature, development and enhancement of psychosocial well-being and health in various contexts, developmental phases, cultural groups, etc. Phenomena include, amongst others, positive emotions, the experience of meaning, resilience, character strengths, optimism, enabling social contexts and positive institutions. A basic premise of positive psychology is that human flourishing cannot be achieved simply through curing pathology and eliminating behavioural and emotional problems but requires building and capitalising on strengths and capabilities.

The overall aims of the programme are to enable students to:

  • Acquire a thorough knowledge and deep understanding of positive psychology in terms of the theory, research and intellectual background thereof;
  • Acquire knowledge of a range of tools in positive psychology, develop skills for applying these in the professional contexts of the students and for finding innovative applications in new situations;
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of appropriate methods for research and data analyses.

Closing dates for applications - 30 September. Selection takes place in October and November.

MAPP Information Brochure

MAPP Application Form

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For more information contact Ms Juanita Brits or the Programme Chair Dr Christelle Liversage.