Welcome to AUTHeR

In today’s society, using only one discipline to address the health and well-being realities linked with the global challenges of poverty, inequality, planetary degradation, disunity, and injustice is inadequate. Africa is not exempt from these problems, but we have unique strengths and resources to overcome challenges with domestic solutions.

Positioning statement

AUTHeR is the African research hub that spearheads the development of multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary research, education, and practice. We do so transparently and collaboratively to provide accessibly and shared knowledge on complex, contextual-embedded health and well-being realities.

AUTHeR critically engages with different definitions and schools of thought on transdisciplinarity, embracing a holistic and solution-centred approach to benefit the greater good of the public and science system.

AUTHeR realises transdisciplinarity by:

  • Transcending disciplinary boundaries;

  • Participating in various levels of engagement;

  • Integrating several types of knowledge; and

  • Embracing innovation and sustainability.