MHSc in Transdisciplinary Health Promotion

Welcome to the Master of Health Sciences in Transdisciplinary Health Promotion!

Wicked problems



Are you ready to tackle the wicked health problems escalating on a global scale? These complex societal issues, often called "wicked problems," pose significant challenges that demand our attention. Poverty, inequality, climate change, and the rising burden of chronic diseases are just a few examples. Addressing these issues requires action on multiple fronts.

At AUTHeR, we recognise that solving wicked problems goes beyond the efforts of health researchers and professionals alone. We believe it takes different perspectives, approaches, and knowledge domains to address these complex issues and promote health effectively. We understand that wicked problems reveal the need for new ways of thinking and doing. That's where transdisciplinarity comes in.

Transdisciplinary research is an approach that brings together diverse stakeholders to solve complex health-related problems that are crucial to society. By co-creating new knowledge that integrates science and society, we can develop practical solutions to address real-life problems relevant to South Africa.

Our Master of Health Sciences in Transdisciplinary Health Promotion degree is designed to equip students with the foundational knowledge of health promotion principles, values, and approaches. We are committed to preparing our students to take on some of the most complex health issues faced by South Africa. Through our comprehensive curriculum, you will gain the necessary skills to make a tangible impact on the health of South Africans.

By choosing our program, you will join a community of passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference. Our staff are experts in their respective fields, and they will guide you through this transformative learning experience. You will be able to collaborate with fellow students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a rich and dynamic learning environment.

We invite you to apply now and embark on a journey that goes beyond academia. By pursuing a post-graduate degree with us, you can be confident that you will make a real impact on society. Together, let's work towards a healthier South Africa.

Apply and be part of the change! 

Programme Chair: Prof Lanthé Kruger