Researchers in Psychology

  Mrs Alicia Le Grange

  +27 18 285 2570
  Building E8, Room G26, Potchefstroom
  BSc Health Sciences, BSc Honours in Psychology, MSc in Counselling Psychology, PGCE (Senior & FET) 

  Ms Cheryl Petersen

  +27 18 299 1482
  Building E8, Room K11, Potchefstroom
  M.A. Research Psychology; M.A. Counselling Psychology; HDE (P/G)
  Interests in various aspects of Developmental Psychology, Psychological assessments, Career counselling and psychotherapy.

  Prof Choja Akpovire Oduaran

  Professor; Subject Group Deputy Leader
  +27 18 389 2901
  Building F3, Room 3.1, Potchefstroom
  Phd Counselling And Human Services, Msoc Clinical Psychology
  Community, Family, Gender, Communication, Work Life & Intergenerational Relationships Research

  Dr Daniel Letsoalo

  Primary Researcher and Supervisor
  Ipelegeng Child and Family centre, Building F3, Mahikeng
  B.A. (Social Sciences)
B.A. Hons (Psychology)
M.A. Clinical Psychology and DLitt et Phil/Ph.D
  Mental Health, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Sexuality and African Psychology

  Prof Esmé van Rensburg

  Full Professor and promoter
  +27 18 299 1727
  Building E8, Room K15, Potchefstroom
  PhD (Child Psychology)
  Child Psychopathology, Child Psychotherapy, Psychological Evaluation of children, families from divorce and Ethics.

  Mrs Heleen Coetzee

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 2294
  Building E8, Room 124, Potchefstroom
  BA (Hons) Psychology; MA (Clinical Psychology); MA (Communication Studies); B.Bk; NGOS.
  Child Evaluations, Therapy and Pathology, Developmental Psychology, Positive Psychology: Meaningfulness of Adolescent Therapy and Pathology.

  Mr Hershel Meyerowitz

  +2718 285 2569
  Building E8, Room G27, Potchefstroom
  Bsc Behavioural Genetics, Hons Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology
  Psychology, Identity, Social media, Non-verbal Communication.

  Dr Ingrid Opperman

  Primary Researcher and Supervisor
  +27 18 299 2698
  Building E8, Room G16, Potchefstroom
  MA Research Psychology (Wits), PhD Psychology (Wits)
  Research methods, psychometrics, and cognitive psychology

Prof Karel Botha

  Prof Karel Botha

  Full Professor, NRF Researcher and Promoter
  +27 18 299 1726
  Building E8, Room 125, Potchefstroom
  BA (Psychology)
BA (Hons) Psychology
MA (Clinical Psychology)
PhD (Psychology)
  Clinical Psychology, specifically self-regulatory and adaptive behavioural systems.

  Mrs Lelanie Malan

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 18 285 2571
  Building E8, room G25, Potchefstroom
  MSc (Clin Psych) (Cum Laude); MSc (Research Psych) (NWU Potchefstroom); PGCE (Cum Laude) (Stellenbosch University) BSc (Hon Psych); BSc (Psych)
  Interested in Neuropsychology and Research methodology

  Ms Mianda Erasmus

  Doctorandus and Supervisor
  +27 18 389 2334
  Ipelegeng Centre, Room 1.1, Potchefstroom
  BMUS (UFS) – 2005; BMUS HONS (UFS) – 2008; BA HONS in Psychology (UFS) – 2006; BA HONS in Language studies, French (UFS) – 2009; MA in Psychology (Research) (UFS) – 2007; MA in French (Teaching French as a Foreign Language) (UCT) - 2015
  Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: supporting first years, large classes, use of technology, excellent teaching on tertiary level.

  Dr Petro Erasmus

  Primary Researcher and Supervisor
  +27 18 389 2386
  Ipelegeng 1.5, Mahikeng
  PhD Educational Psychology
  Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  Prof Ruan Spies

  Associate Professor and Promoter
  +27 18 285 2388
  Building E8, Room 121, Potchefstroom
  PhD Psychology (2015) VU Amsterdam
M.A. Clinical Psychology (2009) NWU
Hons. B.A. Psychology (2008) NWU
B.A. Communication Studies (2006) NWU
  Adult Psychopathology and Attachment Theory

  Mrs Shaheda Khota

  +27 16 910 3504
  Building 7, Office 112, Potchefstroom
  MA Clinical Psychology
  Psychological Assessment, Child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy, Parenting programmes for behavioural disorders

  Ms Shanaé Theunissen

  +2716 910 3420
  7, 108 C,, Potchefstroom
  BA in Psychology, Sociology and Languages, MA in Clinical Psychology, Currently completing a PhD in Psychology
  Gender-based violence, Trauma Fortology, Intervention research

  Dr Tamlynn Jefferis

  Senior Lecturer
  +27 16 910 3414
  Building 7, Office 122, Potchefstroom
  PhD Psychology; MA Research Psychology; Hons Psychology; BA Psychology and English
  Social Research

  Ms Tebello Mabusela

  +27 18 299 2610
  Building E8, Room G28, Potchefstroom
  B. Social Work, B. Soc. Sc (Hons) Psychology, MA Counselling Psychology
  Psycho-social resilience, positive well-being & successful adaptation of individuals, groups and communities.

  Dr Tertia Oosthuizen

  Primary Researcher and Supervisor
  +27 18 299 2132
  Building E8, Room 128, Potchefstroom
  Higher Diploma in Education; BA; BA (Hons) Industrial Psychology; MA (Industrial Psychology); MA (Counselling Psychology); PhD (Psychology)
  Positive Psychology, Trauma Intervention, Violence against women and children

  Prof Vicki Koen

  Associate Professor, NRF Researcher and Promoter
  018 299 1745
  Building E8, Room G12 , Potchefstroom
  PhD Psychology
MA Research Psychology
MA Positive Psychology
MA Psychology
  Research Psychology; Positive Psychology

  Prof Werner de Klerk

  Associate Professor / Research Psychologist and promoter
  +27 18 299 1725
  Building E8, Room G24, Potchefstroom
  BA (Human Movement Sciences and Psychology); BA (Hons) Psychology; MA (Research Psychology); PhD (Psychology)
  Qualitative Research Methodology; Well-being of schools (school climate from Psychological perspective)