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Duo Scholarship: Priority Country Programme, Flemish Government

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Prof Retha Bloem (Retha.Bloem@nwu.ac.za)
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The 2023 PhD application process will open in August this year.

The general closing date for applications is 30 September 2022.

Read the following instructions carefully before you apply: Instructions & application details for 2023


Complete and submit the official NWU PhD application form available here

Please contact prof. Johan Potgieter at 018 – 299 1731 or Johan.Potgieter@nwu.ac.za if you need any further information regarding the application or selection process.



Vision and mission

The vision of the research focus area, Community Psychosocial Research (COMPRES), is to conduct scientific and evidence-based research of high quality within community psychosocial wellness in appropriate South African contexts with the aim to prevent pathology and to improve psychosocial well-being.

In addition, we want to establish ourselves as leading role-players in community psychosocial research in the wider Southern Africa and by achieving this we would like to develop and provide appropriate models for the understanding of and addressing community psychosocial adversities and well-being within a developing context.

Community Psychosocial Research (COMPRES) is a research focus area within the Faculty of Health Science and is the research home for researchers from the School of Psychosocial Behavioural Sciences and the Centre for Child, Youth and Family Studies. It officially opened its doors in January 2015.

Community Psychosocial Research (COMPRES) also emphasises the importance of a community presence, which symbolises what we stand for and where not only the researchers, but also community members − who are invaluable and who play an active role in the research projects − feel at home.