About Us


Preclinical testing as well as potency evaluation of biological products is dependent on the establishment of the accepted international in vitro and in vivo models. The platform functions as a national preclinical testing platform for qualitative and quantitative preclinical studies for research institutions and companies by:

  • Performing  pharmacokinetic, selected toxicology and safety pharmacology studies for new compounds and/or formulations.
  • Performing potency & safety batch release assays of biologically-based products.
  • Developing, establishing and maintaining models as it relates to infectious diseases, chronic conditions, neurobiology and treatment of a variety of disorders.
  • Establishing the infrastructure and skills set required for performing the various in vitro and in vivo studies during the preclinical phase of drug development.
  • Creating an enabling environment to attract both local and international customers to use of the facility.
  • Creating an infrastructure that could enable South Africa to play a significant role in the production of pharmaceutical drugs and phyto-medicines.


Vision and Mission

Preclinical drug development is a scarce and critical knowledge field in South Africa. The development and manufacturing of relevant medicines for infectious and chronic diseases relevant to our society within the financial constraints are challenging.  It requires that novel pharmaceutical products and biologicals such as vaccines are developed and produced locally. The Platform aims to meet the stringent regulatory requirements to comply with international pharmaceutical best practices and to deliver a world class service in preclinical drug evaluation.


  • A complete value chain in the drugs/phytomedicines industry.  The NWU forms a starting point.
  • South Africa will be in a position to respond timeously and more comprehensively to the need to produce therapies for African or “Third-World” diseases.
  • An institution that is accessible to all scientists who may require such research services at reasonable cost.
  • Protection of South African intellectual property (IP).
  • The enhancement of the capability of South Africa to participate in cutting-edge research