About us

Welcome to the School of Psychosocial Health:

The School of Psychosocial Health comprises of two subject groups: The subject group of Psychology and the subject group of Social Work.


The School has the following expertise:

  • The development of a culture-sensitive research method, called the Mmogo™-method.
  • The Tomatis Method, applied in clinical context and research in the Institute of Psychology and Well-being (IPW).
  • The development and implementation of empowering programmes for a wide spectrum of participants, e.g. people living with HIV/AIDS, the dying and bereaved and the aged.
  • Forensic Social Work and child protection.
  • Positive Psychology and the strengths perspective on human well-being.
  • Survivor to Thriver programme. 


Fields of study:

  • Clinical/ Counselling/ Research Psychology
Social Work 
  • Forensic Practice 
  • Child Protection