Nagraadse projekte wat onlangs deur PhD-studente voltooi is:

Coetzee, N. 2019. Employing developed sewing training material in an intervention for low-literate participants of rural income generating projects. Promotor: Dr H. van Staden, Mede-promotors: Prof. W. Oldewage-Theron; Dr C. Niesing

Le Roux, N. 2018. Profiling consumers within a corporate South African context according to their decision-making, physical and psycho-social well-being. Promotor: Prof M. van der Merwe, Mede-promotors: Prof M.P. Wissing; Prof C. Wilders.

Van Zyl, S.D. 2018. Consumers’ food label behaviour: A preventive and interventive educational model for informed decision making. Promotor: Prof M. van der Merwe, Mede-promotor: Prof S.M. Hanekom.

Van  Staden, H.  2012.  The use of clothing labels by female black low-literate consumers.  Promotor: Prof M. van der Merwe; Mede-promotor: Prof A.M. van Aardt.

Matenge, STP.  2011.  Utilisation of traditional and indigenous foods in the North-West Province of South Africa. Promotor: Prof A. Kruger;  Mede-promotor: Prof M. van der Merwe;  Hulp promoter: Dr H. de Beer.


Nagraadse projekte wat onlangs deur Meestersgraadstudente voltooi is:

Brits, C.C.  2019.  E-tailing: Consumers’ perceived risks and coping strategies – a study performed in Potchefstroom, North West Province. Stuieleier: Dr N le Roux. Medestudieleier: Dr H van Staden en Me H Dreyer. 

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Jordaan, F. 2014. Enhancement of household food security by addressing food utilisation, production and handling practices, Viljoenskroon. Studieleier: Dr H. de Beer; Mede-studieleiers: M. du Preez en N. van der Colff.

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