Prof Hanlie Moss

Director of Research: Physical activity, Sport and Recreation (PhASRec)
  018 299 1821
  Building K3, Room 106: Fanie du Toit Sport grounds Meyer Street
Applied exercise physiology, physical activity, exercise interventions, risk factors for non-communicable diseases, intellectual disabilities, pregnancy, Biokinetics

Ms Charmaine Stone

Administrative officer to Research Director
  +27 18 299 1778
  Building K3 Office 106

Prof Stanislaw Czyz

Extra-ordinary associate professor
• Motor learning and control • Sport skill acquisition • Human movement • Motor behavior • Physical activity and health related issues

Professor Martinique Sparks

Associate Professor
PhD Human Movement Sciences
  +27 18 299 1770
  Building K3 Office 110
Performance analysis, match analysis, notational and GPS analysis, applied exercise physiology, sport sciences

Extraordinary Professor Melainie (“Lainie”) Cameron

Extraordinary professor
BAppSc(Ost), MHSc, PhD.
  University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Prof Anita Pienaar

BA; HED; BA Hons; MA; PhD
  +27 18 299 1796
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K3
• Longitudinal analysis of Health, growth, physical activity and fitness in children • Affordances of Motor development and motor proficiency in children • Improvement of motor problems in children with differing special needs, aged 0-13 years

Prof Hans de Ridder

Director: School for Human Movement Sciences
BA; BA Hons; MA; PhD
  +27 18 299 1800
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K3 Office Number G06
• Kinanthropometry • Anthropometry • Physical Education

Prof Andries Monyeki

Programme Leader: Human Movement Sciences
BA; HED; BA Hons; MA; PhD
  +27 18 299 1790
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K4
• Human Movements Sciences • Health-related fitness, and physical activity epidemiology and growth and motor development; • Body composition (underweight and overweight)

Professor Dané Coetzee

Associate Professor
PhD. Human Movement Sciences
  +27 18 299 1792
  018 299 1825
  Building K3, Room G10
Kinderkinetics Research interests: Early childhood and motor development, visual stimulation, ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), learning related problems, sportsvision, early intervention for children, physical activity and physical fitnes

Associate Professor Ben Coetzee

Associate Professor
BSc; BSc Hons; MSc; PhD
  +27 18 299 1803
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K21
• Sport science testing • Strength and conditioning • Autonomic nervous system monitoring and evaluation • Recovery and recovery indicators • Sport performance determinants

Dr Mariëtte Swanepoel

Senior Lecturer
BA; BA Hons; MA; PhD (Biokinetics)
  +27 18 285 2282
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K21
Biokinetics; Clinical physiology; Bio-psycho-physiology

Dr Henriëtte Hammill

Senior Lecturer
PhD Biokinetics
  +27 18 285 2562
Biokinetics, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics, Sport, Injuries

Dr Pieter van den Berg

Senior Lecturer; Programme Leader
BA; BA Hons; MA; PhD
  +27 18 299 1802
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K21
Video analysis and coaching science

Dr Elriena Eksteen

Academic Manager
PhD, MBA, Honours in Sport Science Honours in Recreation Science, B.Comm Sport Management degree
  +27 18 299 2023
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K21
Sport management

Dr Theron Weilbach

Senior Lecturer
BCom; BA Hons; MA, PhD
  +27 18 299 2037
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K4
• Leisure behavior • Recreation Science

Mr Retief Broodryk

M.A Sport science
  +27 18 299 1863
  HPI Building, Room 215
• Perceptual skills and expertise • Sport coaching

Dr Adele Broodryk

Senior lecturer
PhD Human Movement Sciences, MA Sport Science, BA Honns Sport Science, BA Human Movement Sciences and Psychology
  +27 18 299 1804
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K21
Lecturer at tertiary institution since 2013. Qualified sport scientist. Research interest: recovery, sport physiology and psychology, behavioural endocrinology.

Dr Barry Gerber

Junior Lecturer & Manager: Clinic for Kinderkinetics
BA (human movement science); BA Hons (kinderkinetics); MA (kinderkinetics)
  +27 18 299 1773
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K3
• Motor development in children • Growth and sport skill development of adolescents

Ms Wilmarie du Plessis

BA (human movement science)(psychology); M.A Kinderkinetics
  +27 18 299 1797
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K3
• Motor development in children • Visual-motor integration, visual perception and motor coordination • Obesity and hypertension in children

Dr Cindy Kriel

Snr Lecturer
PhD recreation science, MA recreation science, BA hons recreation science, BCom Tourism and recreation science
  +27 18 299 4206
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K4
Recreation / Leisure/ Therapeutic recreation

Dr Cornelia Schreck

Senior Lecturer
PhD in recreation science
  +27 18 299 1896
  Building K4, Room G11
Recreation education in higher education, recreation, leisure

Mnr Cobus Oosthuizen

M.A in Sportwetenskap
  +27 18 289 2641
Rugby, sterkte en kondisionering, prestasie, plofkrag, behendigheid, fiksheid, verdediging

Mrs Yolanda Stevens

M.A Recreation Science
  +27 18 299 2038
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K4
Recreation, Management, Facility Management

Mr Wayde Douglas

MA Human Movement Science
  +27 18 389 2897
  Building A2 (Base Building), Block C, Room G66 Mahikeng Campus
Perceptual Skills, LTAD, Generic Coaching, Tennis, Rugby, Video Analysis

Dr Mark Kramer

Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., M.A. (Biokinetics), B.Com. HMS
  +27 18 2285 262
  Building K3, Room 103, PhaSRec
Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology

Dr Andries van Oort

PhD – Human Movement Science - Biokinetics
  +27 18 299 2024
  Fanie du Toit Sports Grounds, Building K21
Physiology, Pregnancy, Pulmonary Function, Physical Activity

Mr Kwena Mosime

MA Sport and Recreation Management
  +27 18 299 4284
  K21 Building, Room 211
Sport Management, Coaching Sciences

Dr Mariaan van Aswegen Stofberg

Senior Lecturer
Ph.D. Human Movement Science, MSc (Med) in Biokinetics, BSc Sport Science
  018 299 2034
  Fanie du Toit Sports Grounds, Buidling K 21, Room 209
Biokinetics, Pediatric / Child biomechanics, Exercise Oncology.

Dr Alretha du Plessis

BA (Human movement science) & Psych; BA Hons (Kinderkinetics); MA (Kinderkinetics); PhD (Human Movement Sciences)
  +27 18 299 1799
  +27 18 299 1825
  Building K3, Office G11
Motor development and intervention programmes; Practice management; Case study solutions within a practice environment; multidisciplinary team engagement.

Mr Duncan Sutcliffe

BA; BA Hons; MSc
  +27 18 389 2309
  Building A2 (Base Building), Block C, Room G66
Posture, Biomechanics and Soccer

Dr Christo Bisschoff

Senior Lecturer
   +27 18 389 226
  Base building block C, office G66, MC
Heart rate variability, exercise physiology

Dr Tamrin Veldsman

PhD Human Movement Science; MSc Biokinetics; BSc Honours in Biokinetics; BSc Human Movement Sciences and Physiology.
  +27 18 299 2187
  Fanie du Toit Sport Grounds, Building K3- Room G03
Biokinetics, Physical activity, risk factors for Non-communicable disease.

Ms Lulama Khosa

Junior Lecturer
BA Recreation & Psyc, BA Hons Recreation, PGCE.
  +27 18 299 1089
  Fanie du Toit Sportsgrounds, Building K4
Leisure Education, Group dynamics, Sports Psychology.