Physical activity

The focus of this program is on the total development of humans with regard to body movements across the lifespan. Research conducted in this program focus on prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) of lifestyle from the early years to the elderly. All themes related to the measurements, improvement and associated factors that influence physical activity within the South African context are researched within this program. The program leader is Prof A Monyeki 


Sport Science

Research in this program focuses on the identification, development and optimization of performance in talented children through to elite individual or team sport participants. In the quest to achieve optimal performance, the prevention and treatment of injuries are considered together with concepts such as sport psychology, movement analysis, performance indicators and conditioning methods. The program leader is Ass Prof M Sparks.


Recreation Science

The focus of research within the recreation program is on the holistic role of recreation with regards improvement of overall health and quality of life. Research topics include the management of leisure facilities, leisure programs, therapeutic recreation and interventions in at risk and special needs groups.  The program leader is Dr T Weilbach